ALEC establishes ALEC Data Centre Solutions

ALEC today announced the establishment of its newest subsidiary, ALEC Data Centre Solutions. In addition to designing, implementing, and commissioning turn-key data centres that conform to the highest international standards, the company will offer clients prefabricated data centres for quick deployments within the region.

It is also set to be the first in the region to specialise in liquid immersion solutions that will result in more sustainable, customisable, and cost-effective data centres. In the coming weeks, ALEC Data Centre Solutions will also inaugurate its flagship experience centre where clients and prospects will have the opportunity to see the company’s solutions first-hand and engage with experts about their specific requirements.

“Until now, cost, expertise, logistics, customisability, and scalability have all presented formidable challenges to regional organisations looking to establish their own data centres, hampering their ability to innovate at pace and scale,” said Kez Taylor, CEO at ALEC. “With our entry into the rapidly advancing data centre space, ALEC is set to fill the void for a single, large-scale specialist organisation that can offer the entire gamut of data centre development services.”

ALEC Data Centre Solutions will focus across three primary lines of business — traditional data centre construction solutions, prefabricated solutions, and modernisation & retrofit solutions. Furthermore, the company will have the ability to offer Liquid immersion solutions within all these sectors.

With a strong focus on world-class build quality, the company will utilise the Group’s in-house civil, MEP and technology expertise to become the preferred contractor to support enterprises and hyperscalers in the successful delivery of large-scale, customised data centres for cloud service delivery, mission-critical workloads, and disaster recovery purposes.

With its prefabricated data centre line, manufactured at its dedicated facility in Dubai, the company will be able to offer rapid, scalable, edge-type deployments across multiple or remote sites in the region. This line of business will provide future-proof, end-to-end solution for businesses looking to steadily grow their data centre footprints as their computing needs evolve. The wider ALEC Group’s established expertise in logistic, shipping, manufacturing, and on-site installation translate to a unique advantage for ALEC Data Centre Solutions in the prefabricated data centre domain which is set to redefine the market in years to come.

Furthermore, through its partnership with Submer, a leading innovator in advanced immersion cooling solutions for Cloud and Edge computing, ALEC Data Centre Solutions is primed to set new benchmarks in data centre energy efficiency with solutions that help save 50% on CAPEX building costs, up to 95% on cooling expenses, and more than 90% water usage for cooling purposes.