Surround yourself with positivity and keep learning

Natalie Hannouch, Reseller Sales Support Specialist MEA, Poly, talks about her passion for technology.

Tell us about your leadership style and philosophy.
Being able to maintain a positive work culture, ensuring continuous learning and development, and encouraging stability and accomplishments are things that motivate me as an employee. Therefore, I try my best to maintain the same balance while managing a team. I try and encourage employees to work towards reaching their full potential and offer a helping hand at any required stage through their journeys.

What prompted you to consider a career in technology?
I have always been fascinated by how technology has been evolving, and what can potentially be achieved in the future. Moreover, I have grown in the environment as a sales professional, interacting with different types of people, challenging myself, and understanding business requirements from a consumer perspective.

What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry?
Coming from a sales position, the best part of being in the tech industry is the whole experience of being able to interact with different people every day and learning from different perspectives either culturally or in terms of professional backgrounds.

Do you feel you have had to work harder than male colleagues to advance your career?
Not really. Personally, I don’t think that gender really matters that much. Women are generally better than men in sales roles. Studies have even proven that women are better when it comes to listening, learning, and multi-tasking. However, social perspectives and how society deals with gender norms, or gender gaps in the workforce cannot be ignored.

What motivates you every day?
Surrounding myself with positivity at work, and the idea that every day I learn something new is what keeps me motivated.

What is the best professional advice you have ever received?
The best professional advice I received is ‘’never hold yourself back from speaking up”.

What’s next for you in terms of your career in the tech industry?
Keep learning, keep developing my skills, and look to grow in my career.

What are your thoughts on the next transformation in the tech industry?
Honestly, I think it’s hard to say. Technology has developed so much over the years, we have come from letters to text messaging to video calls, and possibly holograms, and this is only in terms of communication. I cannot say what tech transformation brings, but what I can say is that I’m looking forward to it.

What advice would you give to women looking to break into the field of digital technology?
I advise any woman looking to break into the field of digital technology to go for it and keep learning by attending training and courses that help to build her knowledge. Also, attending Technology events will help women to find out answers to questions and build a relationship with people from the same field.

Can you offer a few tips on achieving work-life balance in today’s scenario?
I don’t believe in a ‘’perfect’’ work-life balance but the few tips I have followed are: Set boundaries between personal and work-life, set working hours, know your goals, and aim for them. Also, learn to say ‘no”, take a vacation every now and then, and spend time with your family and friends.