Zoom Events launches at the Expo

Zoom Events has launched Expo, an interactive virtual event platform, as part of their license. This platform allows for an added immersive aspect to virtual events, making it feel like an in-person experience and driving more meaningful connections for virtual and hybrid attendees.

Expo can help create more opportunities for live networking among attendees, speakers, and sponsors. On the virtual expo floor, they can move freely around the space, network with individuals through one on one chat, and join other participants in Expo booths for topic-based conversations.

Attendees also can interact with sponsors, engage in live conversation, and explore topics in a deeper way. Booth representatives or sponsors can host multiple simultaneous conversations in a booth, and attendees can preview those meetings before deciding to join.

Zoom Events Expo is a valuable solution for:
● Hosts looking to elevate the virtual experience
● Attendee networking and interaction
● Increasing sponsor engagement and lead generation
● Virtual and hybrid events

Re-creating the expo floor, virtually

Expo is an optional feature that is available to businesses as long as they have a Zoom Event license. It gives event organizers the ability to set up a virtual exhibition that connects attendees, sponsors, and other booth representatives. This was featured as part of the Zoomtopia 2021 experience.

Chat functionality
Expo provides a space for 1:1 chat between two people – an attendee and booth sponsor, attendee and guest speaker, attendee to attendee, and more. As long as a user is in Expo and is open to network, anyone on the expo floor can initiate a direct chat with them.

Booth types and features

Expo supports two types of booths – sponsored and non-sponsored. An expo can be consistent of only sponsored booths, only non-sponsored booths, or a mix of both. Each booth can be set up with a series of Zoom Meetings, or Spaces, that attendees can join during the predetermined Expo hours.

Within these booths:
● Attendees can initiate 1:1 chats.
● Booth reps can host multiple simultaneous meetings.
● Attendees can preview one of these meetings before joining.
● Attendees can be directed from a meeting into a Breakout Room with other experts.

Booth owners can also upload resources like videos, images and PDF files that booth attendees can view or download.

Designing the space

As hosts, businesses can set their Expo space by using a template or designing a custom space by using a drag-and-drop tool to move booths around. Hosts can add over 100 booths to their Expo, but they’ll want to consider the size of the Expo (and how long it will be open) to give all attendees time to browse and interact with the booths.

Expo roles and ticket types
Zoom Events hosts have flexibility when it comes to assigning access and ticketing for Expo representatives through various role types such as sponsor, sponsor rep, booth owner and booth rep. All of these roles can enter the Expo floor early to set up and start the sessions before the Expo is open.