VAIO breaking the limits

Alex Chung, CEO for Nexstgo in conversation with Channel Post MEA explains that the company with its brand VAIO, is in sync with its motto ‘Do what the giants can’t’ to offer feature rich products that are breaking the limits and transforming the user experience with its new range of laptops.

How are you addressing the current hybrid workforce to your end customers?
During 2020 and 2021, many of us experienced the virtualization of our offices and workplaces, as remote working arrangements were swiftly put in place. This was just a crisis-driven surge of a much longer-term trend. In order to keep up with the pandemic, organizations had to shift funds from other initiatives and invest those in crucial digitalization campaigns.

VAIO laptop advocates to unleash the hybrid workforce, and develop technologies transforming the user experience in learning, working, entertainment and social interactions. We offer a portfolio of VAIO product series that allow customer to embrace a brand-new work style by supporting multiple modes and a wide range of functionalities that make you work more comfortably and efficiently, e.g. new high- quality audio-visual features, more intuitive product designs and user interfaces, superior processing power and connectivity are all critical elements to fulfil ever more demanding user expectations… speaking of which:

  • VAIO Z: the first 3-D molded carbon fiber laptop in the world; a lighter yet durable design engineered with VAIO TruePerformance to make mobile computing Besides, VAIO Z comes with the 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) display option that reproduces cinema-grade color gamut and deep contrasts of HDR visuals. The display enhances all images and videos by retaining real- life color accuracy and the finest details; immerse yourself in the vivid viewing experience!
  • NEW VAIO SX14: we proudly introduce the groundbreaking AI Noise Canceling Technology that provides crystal clear sound quality for video conferencing. The high-performance AI had learned and set proper elimination of noises to further improve the sound  By reducing the environmental noise, clear voice can be delivered to the recipient and vice versa. Also, this flagship device is also equipped with the latest generation of Intel Core CPU and Windows 11 OS.
  • VAIO SE14: a veritable mobile conference center with its high quality Web Cam with 2 digital array microphones to correctly receive the voice in front of the screen. The inbuilt AEC technology negates echo and noise to make your conference call smooth while its 4 high quality top and bottom firing speakers provide rich clear

How has VAIO adapted its product to take advantage of the top technology trends of 2021, such as the AI, VR, AR,etc?
With our motto “Do what the giants can’t”, Nexstgo focuses on bringing experiential technical solutions to modern-day corporate leaders. We challenge every limitation of function, technology and aesthetics, using a human-oriented approach to design a splendid array of products. Recently, many companies already announced million- dollar plans directed towards the creation of the metaverse. Technologies are the enablers that drive the transition from the current Internet to the metaverse, such as Extended Reality, User Interactivity (Human-Computer Interaction), Artificial Intelligence and even prebuilt Windows 11 etc. As mentioned in the first question, VAIO has kept breaking the limits that a laptop could be; the AI Noise Canceling Technology was a good example to show how we adapt AI in daily usage.

VAIO will continue to focus on technologies and products that provides excellent customer experience which enable people to work and live better in a more connected virtual world. It will be the great trend for our product development and business opportunities expansion in the coming 1-2 years.

With the demand for gaming picking up, what exciting features do you offer to your customers?
In earlier 2021, we have launched VAIO E series, the 1st VAIO device powered by AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon Graphics, which provides highly efficient hardware that guarantee an enjoyable gaming and audio-visual experience. The processor is also able to learn, predict and adapt to your ways of working, bringing to you the best performance for intensive computing and graphics design. The VEGA graphics card coupled with the latest multimedia support brings incredibly quick, powerful and smooth image control. VAIO E15 is designed to provide work-and-play support for energetic consumers, meeting the needs of a generation who place emphasis on the ‘slash’ lifestyle – wherein smart design, accommodating functionality and all-in-one-device convenience are paramount.

Besides, VAIO E15 is also equipped with a 15.6” FHD IPS screen featuring narrow bezel, a larger visual display area is encased within the same-sized device. It is served with razor-sharp, high-resolution and smoothly animated video playback and online gaming performance.

How has VAIO strengthened its Partner ecosystem in addressing the escalating digitization needs in this region?
The Japanese brand continues to break through the limit and brings customer with the ideal “all-round computer” that you have always dreamt of. We will continue to expand our strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the near future, as we expand our offering and boost our VAIO user experience to offer best-in-class products across every market.

What are your plans for the Middle East region?
With the launch of the supreme model, VAIO Z, across Middle East Region in earlier 2021, we have successfully penetrate VAIO in the market with portfolio selling approach; clear target segmentation and product positioning were set to fit different needs of our target consumers.

  • The Ultimate – VAIO Z, which targets the business athletes, top management, and elites of the society. It is the perfect showcase of VAIO’s product design, technology, and craftsmanship
  • The Premium – VAIO SX14, an all-rounded laptop PC that targets prosumers, and management level. With the great Japanese heritage, it delivers the high quality and prestige brand image that VAIO represents
  • The Essential – VAIO SE14, FE Series, and E15; the wide range of mainstream and entry level devices carry uncompromised performance and quality, which were set at a relatively reasonable price point that encourage young generations and modern users to trial the great VAIO experience

With our established brand and market exposure at GCC countries, we will continue to expand our business to the rest of the region of MEA.