QNAP launches five speed dual-port network expansion card for NAS and PCs

QNAP Systems, recently announced the launch of their new dual-port QXG-10G2TB 10GbE network expansion card that supports up to five speeds (10GbE/ 5GbE/ 2.5GbE/ 1GbE/ 100MbE) and PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4 (compatible with PCIe Gen 2). Also compatible with Windows/ Ubuntu PCs, the QXG-10G2TB is power-efficient and serves as a high-performance entry-level 10GbE solution.

“Suitable for home and small businesses users, the QXG-10G2TB network expansion card serves as a simple way for QNAP NAS or PC/workstation users to obtain high-speed 10GbE environments, providing advantages in numerous usage scenarios such as gaming, multimedia, virtualization, large file transfer and backup,” said Stanley Huang, Product Manager of QNAP.

Powered by a Marvell AQtion 10GbE Multi-Gigabit Controller AQC113C, the QXG-10G2TB is highly power-efficient, requiring half the power consumption of previous models.

As a PCIe-based solution, the QXG-10G2TB can be used by PCIe-enabled QNAP NAS with QTS 4.5.2/ QuTS hero h4.5.2 (or later) and also by PC/workstations that use Windows 10 (download driver) and Ubuntu 18.04 or later (download driver).