Cisco unveils The Cisco Grove

Cisco has today unveiled The Cisco Grove – an immersive environment designed to demonstrate how intelligent networks can enable new possibilities for a sustainable, inclusive future.

Located at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Partner Hub, Cisco’s digitally powered environment takes inspiration from natural groves and their intelligent underground systems. Aligned with Expo 2020’s theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, The Cisco Grove illustrates how smart, intuitive networks can create greater connectivity, forge opportunity and power an inclusive future for all.

“Working in close collaboration with Cisco since 2018, we have witnessed the transformative nature of digital technologies firsthand. We are proud of the experiences on offer at Expo 2020 Dubai today and believe that visitors to The Cisco Grove will also share in our enthusiasm for building a future which is both green and digital,” said Mohammad Alhashmi, Chief Technology Officer at Expo 2020 Dubai.

At The Cisco Grove, invited guests can explore the ‘Universe of Data’ – a state-of-the-art projection and hologram-based experience. They can select one of three interactive experiences and engage with the network to learn more about:

• The City of Tomorrow – A look at how smart cities can deploy digital technologies to connect, protect and enhance the lives of citizens. Use cases on show include solutions for government, transport and logistics, and smart buildings.

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – The experience showcases how Cisco applies AI and ML to solve real-world problems, such as identifying and defending against cyberthreats, building autonomous networks that heal themselves and developing smart collaboration solutions for the future of hybrid work.

• The Multicloud Universe – Symbolizing the wealth of connected data moving through space, where the right cloud strategy can connect any device to any application and any cloud, securely.

Alongside the ‘Universe of Data’ experience, visitors can also meet with Cisco’s experts to discuss the latest digitization trends and join in the company’s green efforts.

“Digital technologies are the key driver to achieving social and economic good and powering an inclusive future for all. At The Cisco Grove, we’re excited to showcase the very best of this promise in action. We seek to be a true partner of progress, and Expo 2020 Dubai serves as the ideal platform from which to create new dialogues, collaborate and forge a better future,” said Reem Asaad, Vice President, Cisco Middle East and Africa.