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BeyondTrust announces BeyondTrust Remote Support 21.3

BeyondTrust announces BeyondTrust Remote Support 21.3


BeyondTrust has announced BeyondTrust Remote Support 21.3, featuring a new integration with Microsoft Teams. Users can now chat via Teams directly with a support representative using BeyondTrust Remote Support and, if needed, elevate to a fully audited remote screen sharing session without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. New enhancements also enable integration directly with Azure Domain services for discovery and rotation of credentials stored in Azure Active Directory (AD).

“Support teams need a simplified, seamless and intuitive interface for their end users to gain access to the support they need,” said Tal Guest, Director of Product Management at BeyondTrust. “These key integrations with Microsoft will allow organizations to streamline their end user experience and better secure their enterprise environments.”

BeyondTrust Remote Support gives organizations the capability to support a wide range of devices, including unattended systems and IoT, while increasing operational efficiency, and lowering downtime and costs.

BeyondTrust Remote Support 21.3 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Microsoft Teams Integrations – Enables companies to extend their remote support capabilities with seamless sessions through the Teams chat.

Web and Login Console UI Updates – Improves the user experience, making remote support lighter, faster, and easier to use.
Account Rotation Azure AD Domain Services – Enables organizations to properly manage and inject credentials managed by Azure AD Domain Services. Vault Credential Store Search allows users to search the credential list when Jumping into a remote system.

Team Chat History – Allows users to pick up the conversations from other team members, with the history preserved and available when they log back into the console.

Representative Status Codes – Customize to the support team’s needs and integrate to other tools using the Command API’s for improved workflows.

Jump Item Reporting – Allows administrators to leverage a new report type specific to the administration and configuration of Jump items.

Polish Language Support -Includes Polish language translations for all product components

 Appliance Migration Tool – Supports moving from an on-premises to a cloud-based appliance, as well as migrating from a physical appliance deployment to a different deployment type.



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