Jashanmal deploys Hikvision’s LED and LCD display solution

To increase footfall in its Dubai Festival City Mall showroom, and to create a winning in-store customer experience, leading Middle East retailer Jashanmal has deployed a unique LED and LCD display solution from Hikvision.

Customers visiting large malls and retail parks can access a world of products in a single location. But while malls attract large crowds, stores need to create unique offers and experiences for customers to maximize footfall – and to win a larger share of their overall spend.

In this highly competitive environment, innovative commercial display technologies – such as LED displays – can help stores stand out and gain significant competitive edge. As well as attracting more customers into the store, commercial displays and interactive screens can be used to provide information about specific brands and products, or to order goods that are not available in store.

To achieve these benefits, leading homewares and lifestyle retailer Jashanmal is using commercial display and LED technologies extensively in its stores. The retailer, which exclusively distributes and retails some of the best brands across GCC offers a wide selection of products ranging from cookware, tableware, home appliances, travel products, gifts and many more – sees these kinds of technologies as a major opportunity to attract more customers, and to deliver winning in-store experiences.

Dinesh Dhingra, Chief Group Support & Services Officer, Jashanmal says, “We fully understand the benefits of LED displays and interactive screens in terms of creating a ‘wow-factor’ in our showrooms. That’s why we decided to create and deploy a captivating commercial display solution at our showroom in Dubai’s Festival City Mall.”

Jashanmal worked with consultants from commercial display leader Hikvision to design the solution, which incorporates two unique ‘arch-shaped’ LED displays at the showroom entrance.

Each of these LED panels is one meter wide, and 15 meters long, reaching up from the floor, over the ‘arched’ entrance to the store. The panels continually show ‘artistic’ content that is perfectly aligned to the Jashanmal brand, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers and encouraging them to come into the showroom and explore.

In addition to these huge, arched LED displays at the store entrance, the solution includes three 86-inch interactive LCD screens located at the cash register, the ‘homewares’ area of the store, and in the ‘luggage’ area. Customers can use these screens to browse product specifications and color options. If a product is not available in store, customers can also use the screens to order them online.

To complete the solution, three additional screens broadcast details of products, brands, and offers to customers in store, helping to inform and inspire them on their buying journey. The digital signage content that is shown on these screens is also replicated on the LCD interactive screens when customers are not using them to browse or buy products online.

Although Hikvision consultants helped to design the solution, Jashanmal put out an open tender for the solution rollout. After a competitive bid process, Systems Integrator Magnus Technologies was chosen to deliver the solution, with foundational LED and LCD technologies provided by Hikvision.

“Retail is an extremely price-sensitive industry, and we need excellent value across our entire supplier ecosystem,” says Dhingra. “With Hikvision, we didn’t just get great technical and design advice. We also met our requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness and best value, which is a critical requirement across all our in-store innovation projects.”

Hikvision and our partners collaborated extremely closely on the project with Jashanmal to ensure fast, seamless delivery.

Sachin Srinivasan, Hikvision Project Manager, says, “The unique contour of the showroom’s arches meant that we had to work closely with the store and our other delivery partners at every stage of the manufacturing and deployment process. The end result was a stunning artistic LED display that attracts more customers into the Jashanmal showroom, boosting footfall in the store and, as a result, conversion as well.”

Partnering with all the top brands in the Middle East, Jashanmal already has a winning retail proposition that keeps customers coming back for more. However, by collaborating with Hikvision and Magnus Technologies, the store has also achieved the brand expression it was aiming for to attract more customers than ever into its showroom at Dubai Festival City Mall.

“The new commercial display solution delivered by Hikvision has been attracting a lot of attention,” says Dhingra. “Our leading products and brands are now backed up by an equally compelling, exciting in-store experience for our highly discerning customers.”