Cyber Security Africa Distribution partners with Mimecast

Cyber Security Africa Distribution (CSAD) announced that it has been partnered with Mimecast as a Managed Service Provider, to sell and manage Mimecast’s integrated services and solutions to customers across Africa.

“Organisations in Africa are running lean IT teams and as threats escalate, they don’t have the inhouse resources to improve their defences. They need a managed solution that is reliable, fast and flexible to deploy, and they want a provider to be there to support them when things go wrong. This new partnership with CSAD is an important one not only for Mimecast but for the thousands of organisations across the continent who need advanced protection from a rapidly changing threat landscape,” says Paul Stafford, Vice President, Mimecast Africa.

Mimecast helps protect organisations from malicious activity, human error and technology failure. The partnership will allow customers to tackle their biggest security challenges with a managed security solution engineered to secure the number one cyberattack vector email. By integrating Mimecast’s brand protection, security awareness training, web security, compliance and other essential capabilities into their offering, CSAD will now be able to ensure customers have the right security measures in place to prevent email compromise and improve their cyber resilience.

“CSAD are already selling products from many of our alliance, community defence and API partners to their customer base and the addition of Mimecast into their security offering will ensure these customers have layered protection across their entire IT environment, includizng email,” Stafford adds.

Benefits to organisations employing CSAD as an MSP for Mimecast include being able to implement data backup management to avert data loss, having access to a dedicated IT staff with local knowledge on call, having a clearly defined binding contract that defines the work of IT support, the ability to be scalable and add extra resources incrementally or temporarily, and having cover for on-premise disasters.

“The constantly changing landscape and ever increasing cyber threats are forcing African organisations to adopt affordable solutions and technologies that allows them to scale faster whilst at the same time remaining competitive. Our focus at Cyber Security Africa Distribution is to provide such cyber-security solutions via our partner network to end users across Africa,” says Martin Britz CEO Cybersecurity Africa Distribution.

“The partnership with Mimecast provides an opportunity to extend the Mimecast solution set to our partners and their end users across the continent, with the backing of our diverse team and the proven CSAD technical capabilities. We look forward to building more solutions for end users and mitigating more risk, through this partnership with Mimecast,” Britz points out.