HMD Global unveils three new phones and a new audio portfolio

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces three new phones and a new audio portfolio. Built to survive anything life can throw at you, the Nokia XR20 can withstand much more than you’ll ever demand of it. The Nokia C30, a hero device to the C-series, features the largest screen and battery yet. Nokia 6310 is a new member of the Originals family, a reimagined noughties classic. Today also marks the biggest Nokia accessory launch to date, with new lifestyle audio products streamlined into four distinct lines – Go, Micro, Comfort and Clarity.

Nokia XR20

Built to withstand the test of life, the Nokia XR20 enhances the X-series

Extreme temperatures, 1.8m drops, 1h under water and more, the new Nokia XR20 is built for conditions far harsher than the rough and tumble of everyday life. This life-proof phone is concealed in a sleek, timeless design. So, whilst you’re probably never going to stretch your phone to the extremes of its capabilities, you can be reassured that the Nokia XR20 can endure more than you’ll ever demand of it.

Featuring one of the strongest of screens for extra peace of mind: Corning Gorilla Glass Victus – it’s amongst the toughest of glass out there. To test its durability, Brazilian football legend Roberto Carlos and female world champion freestyler Lisa Zimouche put the new Nokia XR20 through a series of tough tests. From dunking it in icy water to being kicked, flipped and spun screen-first across a concrete gravel football pitch.

Carlos even recreated his famous banana shot from the 1997 Brazil vs France match to test the device’s durability – three Nokia XR20s were positioned on a goal post for the football sensation to hit in a free kick shootout.

Future-proof means freshness that is not just for the day you unbox your smartphone. In addition to the existing X-series longevity promises, the Nokia XR20 comes with four years of monthly security updates, and three years OS upgrades.

The Nokia XR20 has a reliable 48MP+13MP dual camera with ZEISS Optics, OZO spatial audio and innovative imaging solutions. The all-new SpeedWarp mode lets you capture a whole lot of adventure in a compact, exciting montage. Pushing the boundaries of the mid-range, it also comes with 5G speeds, 15W wireless charging and superior durability that you’ll love.

Nokia C30

Nokia C30 is here to provide more room for your big ideas

Introducing two firsts to the Nokia smartphone portfolio, the new Nokia C30 is a hero of the popular C-series. It comes with the largest battery and biggest screen yet on a Nokia smartphone.

The ever-increasing demand for larger screens sees the current 82% of consumers who are looking for smartphones between 6” and 7” in size grow to 96% by 2025. The huge 6.82” HD+ display on the new Nokia C30 is here to supply what fans have been asking for.

Hard-working individuals and busy days ask for a battery that can keep up. On the Nokia C30, it’s been supersized to an impressive 6000 mAh, giving you enough energy to work up to three days on single charge – so you can upskill, stream, and connect to those that matter most. Complemented by the quality feel that only a truly durable build can provide. The Nokia C30 is wrapped in a sturdy polycarbonate shell that you can trust, giving you a device that will last.

Nokia 6310

Awaken the noughties love with Nokia 6310

The newest member of the Originals family celebrates the iconic Nokia 6310 with a fresh new take. The Nokia 6310 is a classic reimagined for today’s connected user. Bringing advanced accessibility, optimised ergonomics, and battery for weeks, it honours everything that Nokia phones stand for. And yes – it still has Snake.

With accessibility at its core, the refreshed larger push buttons and ample display make screen time more effortless and enjoyable. The new zoomed-in menus and larger font options improve readability and text messages can be listened to for ease of use.

New Nokia lifestyle audio accessories that people will love, trust, and keep for longer

Introducing a revamped Nokia audio portfolio, the new accessories bring fans reliable sound on the go. Streamlined into four new, distinct lines – Go, Micro, Comfort and Clarity – each range brings maximum value via unique propositions.

• Go: ultra-high value products offering the highest quality at the lowest possible prices
• Micro: meeting the demand for compact form factor
• Comfort: a result of consumers seeking optimal comfort in wearables
• Clarity: top-of-the-range quality earbuds integrating the latest tech

Arriving hand in hand with the Nokia XR20, the new Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro give high performance sound with build quality and battery life that can keep up. The powerful combination of dual mic environment noise cancellation (ENC), Qualcomm cVc, and active noise cancellation (ANC) captures and eliminates background noise for superb call and music clarity.

Trusted partnerships for best-in-class experiences

Today marks the beginning of two new partnerships with industry-leading providers. Spotify will give Nokia smartphone owners access to 70 million tracks and 2.6 million podcasts out of the box.

Pricing & Availability in the UAE

Nokia XR20 will be available starting September 2021 and will be priced at AED 1,849.
Nokia C30 Forest Green and Ice White will be available starting August 2021 and will be priced at AED 449 (3/64).