SRTI Park and ViewSonic launches EdTech Learning Experience Centre

Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) and ViewSonic have collaborated to launch the first-of-its-kind EdTech Learning Experience Centre in the Middle East to enhance the role of technology in education.

Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park with Max Hsu, ViewSonic Regional Director – MEA (L to R)

ViewSonic has designed a unique learning space to showcase the workings of their hardware and software education solutions for classrooms, hybrid, and distance learning. It makes for an ideal place to gather partners, end users and students to experience the EdTech solutions that ViewSonic provides.

Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park, said “There is an urgent need to deliver seamless education and ViewSonic has developed world-changing technologies that could enrich present and future generations. Their technology will encompass traditional, blended and distance learning. Not only will this help students and teachers but will also boost the digital transformation of education as well as engage learners, streamline teaching, and improve over-all learning.”

Al Mahmoudi noted the dynamics of education has changed. He explained “Gone are the days when students and teachers meet in the classroom to learn. The pandemic has changed the dynamics of education and we are lucky that we can turn to technology to facilitate the linking of teachers and students in several geographic locations and hold classes via remote learning.”

He added “The role of technology has never been more vital than it is today and the need for creating collaborative ecosystems to ensure the delivery of education is crucial. As a hub of research and development, we welcome the innovative solutions developed by ViewSonic and we look forward to having more active engagement that will support higher-order thinking skills and abilities.”

Tech-based education
Max Hsu, ViewSonic Regional Director – MEA, said “We are absolutely delighted to collaborate with SRTI Park to bring this learning centre to life. It is a space for helping students, educators, and end-users to understand the full potential of ViewSonic’s EdTech solutions. With this experiential space, we aim to equip stakeholders in the learning space with productivity and collaboration tools that can transform the way the teach and learn.”

Future-focused solutions
ViewSonic’s learning centre at SRTI Park showcases some of the tech giant’s future focused EdTech solutions and will also be organising workshops for students, educators, and partners to introduce them to the future of education tools. Designed for teachers to provide the most intuitive and interactive interface, IFP8650-2 is an eye-care certified display with low blue light and remains flicker-free at all brightness levels. It stands out with its synchronous writing performance. Teachers can write smoothly, with the pen serving as an extension of their fingertips. They can even write simultaneously with the equipped dual pens of different colors and thicknesses.  With this solution, teachers can conduct group activities with the four-way split screen display.

On the other hand, there’s also the IFP7550 panel which embraces ultra-fine touch technology to offer fine precision writing. With slim IR (infrared) touch and its optimised integration, the processing time on this is faster than traditional IR panels. IFP is designed with a slim bezel to broaden the viewing experience. It is also integrated with the highly interactive myViewBoard whiteboarding software that drives effective collaboration as well as the software for 4-way split screen content sharing.

ViewSonic’s myViewBoard Classroom a web-app tool is complete with a digital whiteboard canvas to prepare and present content in real-time. Teachers have control over when students can ask questions, or comment, as well as manage who may display their screens to the class for presentations. Independent breakout group discussions are made possible with virtual grouping, allowing real-time annotation and quizzes. The space also makes judicious use of the TD2455 touch monitor from ViewSonic. This intelligent monitor uses responsive in-cell touch technology and an advanced ergonomic design to deliver hands-on control to cultivate collaborative classrooms. It can be placed on a podium to be used by the teacher such that they can keep facing the students. It comes with a magnetic stylus pen that allows teachers to write or draw on screen.

Students can also get a hands-on experience with the Wood Pad 10”. This is a cost-effective solution for students that can be used as an annotation board to interact with teachers on the whiteboard in a much easier way. It is a versatile drawing pad designed for illustrators, graphic designers, and other digital artists. Lastly, there’s the ID1330, a premium solution for students and teachers, that can be used as annotation board and provides a new normal for portable teaching devices. It is equipped with technology for 8,192 levels pen pressures with +-60 tilt angle to display smooth and natural handwriting. Students and teachers can comprehend blackboard handwriting and course contents more intuitively with this solution.