League Data selects Mambu’s SaaS banking platform

League Data has selected Mambu’s SaaS banking platform to empower its member credit unions which represents more than 320,000 members. Mambu’s modern and innovative platform will replace League Data’s legacy core banking system to modernize the banking experience for their members.

Eugene Danilkis, Mambu’s co-founder and CEO

With Mambu, League Data will have a composable solution that can be molded to Atlantic credit unions’ business goals and the needs of their members. Through this approach, Mambu will enable League Data to build a digital ecosystem by composing the best product for its specific needs, in a more cost-effective and faster pace.

“League Data provides an important service to credit unions, and as we know, a robust digital solution is critical to success in the financial industry,” said Eugene Danilkis, Mambu’s co-founder and CEO. “While credit unions are inevitably community-driven, the importance of technology in complementing and enhancing the ‘human touch’ element that is central to credit unions cannot be ignored. We’re here to help League Data and the Atlantic credit unions make banking better for their end-customers, now and for the future.”

Mambu is changing the market through its composable approach, which is the quick and flexible assembly of independent best-of-breed vendors. Through open APIs, Mambu seamlessly integrates with other off-the-shelf software solutions, providing League Data and the Atlantic Credit Union system an even greater user experience, as well as sophisticated digital tools and services.