Kalaam Telecom announces the acquisition of Zajil International Telcom

Kalaam Telecom has announced the acquisition of Zajil International Telecom (KSCC) with the aim of creating a regional powerhouse that will drive digital transformation in the GCC region and beyond.

kalaam telecom

The acquisition will create a combined entity with revenue of US$100 million, with data centers in five countries, network Point of Presence (PoPs) in 25 countries, and a subsea and land cable network that connects three continents. Kalaam will be among the top three ISPs in the GCC and will be the only operator with an ISP licence for Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

“Zajil Telecom was the first ISP in Kuwait and has built on 30 years of experience to be recognized today as a leading information technology and communication service provider in the MENA region. The company is a regional leader in MPLS solutions, with a global customer base and network. With the acquisition of Zajil, Kalaam Telecom will be uniquely positioned as the clear market leader, expanding its enterprise solutions across the MENA region, Europe, US and Asia. The combination of services and infrastructure brought together by the Zajil and Kalaam Telecom merger will result in the delivery of more advanced and industry-specific solutions.” said Mohammad Al-Tuwaijri, Chairman, Zajil Telecom.

The company will continue to serve Zajil’s corporate customer base with specialized consulting and industry-specific solutions in banking, oil & gas, retail, telecommunications, and transportation verticals, and will also incorporate Zajil’s data centres in Bahrain, Jordan, KSA, UAE and the UK into its portfolio of offerings.