FireEye announces expansion of its Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform

FireEye today announced the expansion of its Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform now equipped with a powerful, multi-vendor XDR capability and introduced its newest module – Mandiant Automated Defense. Mandiant Automated Defense is the latest module available in the Mandiant Advantage platform, joining the Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Mandiant Security Validation modules.


“Skill shortages, an overwhelming number of alerts, and even misconfigured tools all contribute to the challenges faced by the modern SOC,” said Chris Key, Executive Vice President of Products, Mandiant Solutions. “Our customers have been asking us for technology that embeds Mandiant expertise and intelligence into their environments at scale – Mandiant Automated Defense is another of our products that does just that.”

Mandiant Automated Defense addresses the people, process, and technology challenges faced by cybersecurity defenders in the SOC. Automated Defense allows security analysts to triage alerts from the security stack at machine speed, scale, and consistency using data science and machine learning. This automated triage process is designed to enable security personnel to prioritize and focus on the most relevant threats, reducing time wasted on false positives.

Mandiant Advantage is an intelligence-driven approach to security operations.

Without a significant increase in human expertise, it is impossible for organizations to win the global war on cybercrime. Mandiant Advantage productizes attacker expertise and threat intelligence capabilities into accessible, automated solutions that instantly provide the scale and capability that security teams so desperately need. Supporting more than 60 security technologies, cloud platforms and network management tools, the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform works with best-of-breed, multi-vendor controls to deliver world-class XDR capabilities.

The Mandiant Advantage platform now includes three modules:
• Mandiant Threat Intelligence
• Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin)
• Mandiant Automated Defense (formerly Respond Software)