Rainway makes its cutting-edge technology available to be licensed

Rainway’s cutting-edge technology is now available to be licensed by developers, entertainment, media, live support, and computing companies, which will allow them to create a new era of streaming products and services.

With Rainway App Services, pioneering companies, big and small, can license Rainway’s plug-and-play SDK to build their own experiences. Rainway provides everything their partners need to leverage the power of real-time interactive streams, whether to build a cloud gaming service, create a system of secure thin clients for a hospital or bank, or innovative synchronous collaboration solutions for the new work and school from home world.

“By making our real-time interactive streaming technology available to our App Services partners, we usher in a new era where developers and organizations are empowered to build the future of computing, collaboration, productivity, and development,” said Rainway CEO, Andrew Sampson.

App Services adds a suite of enterprise tools to Rainway’s existing services. The Rainway game streaming service will continue to be available for gamers to play their favourite games anytime, anywhere.