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Passion to integrate


Muneeb Anjum, CEO at AHAD speaks with Channel Post MEA and he explains the philosophy and his vision behind AHAD to be a System Integrator in these times of uncertainty.

Muneeb Anjum, CEO at AHAD

What does AHAD stand for and what inspired you to get into System Integration?
AHAD is derived from the Arabic language where it is an attribute of Allah. Arabic is such a profound and deep language where a single word can have multiple meanings as context changes. Hence AHAD a single word, which can be attributed to “One”, “The One & Only”, as well as “The One who cannot have any comparison” all at the same time. We strive for all three, by being the best in what we do, how we do, and why we do it. Although COVID-19 proved to be the catalyst, however, the reason and inspiration to get into System Integration & being an Entrepreneur is the answer to Peter Theil’s famous statement “What Valuable Company Is Nobody building”.

System Integration is a crowded and very competitive space; how would you position yourself?
AHAD co-founders’ combined have more than 57+ years of hands-on experience serving critical segments of Cyber Industry. Our observation, experience and clients’ feedback highlight vast disparity and gaps in the market which we are aiming to fill. The most crowded segment is around System Integrators still using box mover approach, which is resulting in an in-efficient delivery and execution with diminishing returns. With AHAD, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive services and solutions covering the three critical pillars: People, Process and Technology.

Which technologies are you currently focusing on and who are your key partners?
A preventative stance is more effective in dealing with a cybersecurity issue than a reactive one. That’s where AHAD’s Advanced Cyber Defence Solutions enter the picture. Due to COVID-19 and remote working, new challenges have emerged where we help clients adopt Secure Access Service Edge “SASE” platform. Reproaching Network Design and Access from “Zero Trust” is mandatory to avoid becoming the next victim. Phishing, Ransomware and Digital Risks have also drastically evolved in the new normal. Besides, increased pressure and vigilance is being seen around Cyber Risk Quantification. To solve these, we’ve partnered with best of breed technologies including Atos, BeyondTrust, Cofense, Cybereason, Mission Secure, Thales, Terbium Labs, PaloAlto, PulseSecure, SailPoint, VMRay, and XM Cyber.

Which industry verticals are you targeting?
Be it a multinational corporation, a mid-sized company, or a local business, one can never be too prepared for a potential cybersecurity breach. AHAD is founded to provide cybersecurity solutions to Government, Fortune 500, and Start-Up Companies in the region. In terms of verticals, our primary focus is serving Government Sector, BFSI, Oil & Gas, Healthcare & Retail. Our unique and personalized solutions can help industries identify malicious data empowering companies to minimize the ramifications of a breach of data while optimizing their decision-making and maximizing business opportunities.

What unique proposition do you bring to the table and why should vendors look at AHAD as a preferred partner?
We are a young and energetic team of enthusiastic professionals who truly believe in leaving an impact. Besides, AHAD isn’t just a job or profession but a passion; which is driving us to come up with innovative strategies and out-of-the-box solutions. Our deeply rooted work ethics, experience, agility, flexibility and commitment are the main drivers that make AHAD a preferred partner for Vendors.

What are your plans for 2021 and what kind of revenues are you targeting this year?
For 2021 we will continue to further enrich our solutions and services offerings by strengthening cybersecurity, digital transformation, and risk management portfolio. With AHAD we are aiming big and grow exponentially however, for now, our eyes are set to cross the €1 Million mark, and then continue our journey towards the next phase of expansion.



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