Cloud Box Technologies completes implementation of SAP ERP system of Western International Group

Cloud Box Technologies has successfully completed the implementation of a sturdy hardware layer to run the upgraded SAP ERP system of Western International Group. The latest integration supports the massive business growth which is highly data-driven and is able to tackle multiple business performance and process requirements.

Yoonus Changoth, SAP Technical Manager, Western International and Avinash Gujje, Practice Head – Infrastructure, Cloud Box Technologies

With over 900 SAP users within the organization and 6 TB RAM SAP S4 HANA High Availability cluster in an environment of high-end machines, Cloud Box Technologies was onboarded to provide the solution which follows strict SAP guidelines and a SAP hardware certified vendor. They have provided high availability SAP S/4HANA appliances PowerEdge R840 to run the SAP database. The implementation also provided a PowerEdge MX7000 kinetic infrastructure to run the company’s applications in a fully virtualized environment. This was made possible with a single vendor approach in which Dell is one of the most viable vendors, with the promise to meet high workforce demands.

“We are extremely proud to be a part of the region’s largest brownfield migration project while conversion of SAP ECC to S4 HANA 1909 system. The full cycle migration was possible with the tremendous support we received from our technology partners SAP and Cloud Box Technologies. They understand our need for real-time data visibility which would help our procurement processes, cash flow, purchase capacity, customer behaviour patterns, etc. The seamless data collection and analysis made it possible for us to make intelligent and proactive decisions that has helped us grow our business,” said, Yoonus Changoth, SAP Technical Manager, Western International.

Given the size of the data involved in this implementation and the 1480 customizations, the project was implemented in a record eight months, during the COVID-19 lockdown period. This can be attributed to the technology partners’ deep understanding of the business goals of Western International. The Dell solution provided to meet their business transformation needs helps them to make a transition to an IT virtualized platform.