Dubai Municipality receives the disaster recovery data center solutions from Huawei

Following the strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between Dubai Municipality and Huawei last year during GITEX Technology Week 2019, Dubai Municipality has successfully received the disaster recovery data center solutions delivered by Huawei.


To further strengthen this partnership, Dubai Municipality joined Huawei Connect – an annual flagship event hosted by Huawei in Shanghai, China for the global ICT industry – to construct a collaborative partnership to achieve shared success. The virtual ceremony was attended by many of the higher management representatives of Dubai Municipality, including CEOs and Department Directors, and Jiawei Liu, CEO of Huawei UAE. Both parties have been working together to collaboratively realize the strategic objectives of Dubai Municipality, and during the conference, they discussed the various aspects of the project delivered by Huawei and explored new ways to leverage cutting-edge technologies that can support the smart initiatives of Dubai Municipality and enable its digital transformation.

Huawei has provided Dubai Municipality with leading data center solutions to streamline and enhance data storage, while also boosting energy efficiency as well as improve operation and maintenance (O&M) processes. Huawei Fusion Module Data Center Solution has helped Dubai Municipality deploy a disaster recovery solution within less than three months from the start of the contract. Dubai Municipality’s new Disaster Recovery Data Center is Tier 2 Data Center compliant, following all internal compliances and guidelines. It uses the latest power and cooling technology to provide optimal power usage effectiveness (PUE), while also offering more efficient operations.

Through Huawei’s data center management capabilities, Dubai Municipality can control data center operations remotely via a single software program. Huawei’s solution also enables Dubai Municipality to relocate its disaster recovery data center to any physical location in the future, without any downtime. Additionally, Huawei Fusion Module Data Center Solution provides significant CAPEX and OPEX savings due to more efficient and streamlined operations.