Pre-orders for the RedMagic 5S starts today

Starting today, pre-orders for the RedMagic 5S are now available. Customers can pre-order the RedMagic 5S until September 2nd, when it will be released globally, starting at USD $579.


The RedMagic 5S boasts of some of the latest smartphone gaming tech and improved technologies as well as new accessory devices that will give gamers the competitive edge. This includes the ability to run at max performance longer while playing the most demanding games.

Players can truly enjoy the lag-free, high-speed internet available to them with 5G when they are using a 144Hz screen, the fastest screen refresh rate available.

At 144Hz, the 6.65″ Essport AMOLED display is smooth and gives crisp, crystal clear visuals all the time, be it playing a video game at 144FPS, watching high-quality videos, or just browsing the internet.

To counter the overheating that occurs during an intense gameathon or while using performance-heavy apps, the Red Magic 5S comes equipped a powerful cooling system – Turbo Fan ICE 4.0. This cooling system boasts of the world’s first use of silver to make it one of the most advanced cooling systems in a phone.

In addition, users will also be able to purchase the Ice Dock, an accessory designed exclusively for the RedMagic 5S, to keep the phone cool.

Boasting up to 12GB RAM and 256GB memory, the RedMagic 5S is equipped with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with 5G chipset, so that running any application or playing any game at max setting is a breeze. With the integrated 5G capabilities, users will always have the fastest connection available as well. The RedMagic 5S also makes use of the latest memory technologies with UFS 3.1 and LPDDR5.

With the latest advancements particularly found in UFS 3.1, loading up programs and rendering visuals is now incredibly fast. Paired with 5G, users will be able to notice an overall increase in speed as the phone will be able to make even greater use of the 5G speeds.

The built-in shoulder triggers on the RedMagic 5S help to turn the phone into a dedicated gaming device. Running at 320Hz, the built-in triggers are faster and more accurate, a considerable boon to any gamer. Through the Game Space feature of the RedMagic 5S, the triggers are also fully customizable to any function needed in the games.

The dedicated gaming space of the RedMagic 5S, the Game Space has several advanced, including full customization of the game and of the phone to ensure optimal performance is achieved.

Game Space is also home to various quality of improved features such as a chat overlay for WhatsApp, minimizing to a mini-window, advanced macro making features, game recording, notifications blocking, and more.

The RedMagic 5S will be available in two different versions. Sonic Silver and the Pulse, with its blue and red colour design. Both colours will also port a cool and eye-catching X motif that centres around the innovative integration of a small silver plate on the back of the phone that enhances the cooling of the phone.

Matching the performance and durability, the device also features a 64 megapixel Sony triple camera and provides immersive audio and 4D shock, a high capacity 4,500mAh Battery and an 18 Watt quick charger.

RedMagic 5S Sonic Silver (8GB + 128GB) is priced at 579 USD, RedMagic 5S Pulse (12GB + 256GB) is priced at 649 USD and the Ice Dock at 44.90 USD

Consumers can pre-order the phone directly from the website.