Sennheiser introduces TeamConnect Ceiling 2 solution

Sennheiser has announced TeamConnect Ceiling 2 solution, which elevates web and video collaboration – making virtual meetings more effective by ensuring optimum audio quality for remote participants.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 enables touchless audio in meeting rooms – enabling employees to more easily maintain social distancing best practices while ensuring all participants experience clear and discernible communications. As it is ceiling mounted, the system does not require constant cleaning as table microphones would, and the fact that it reliably covers the entire room without the need for any re-adjustment allows for participants to sit at the recommended distance from each other.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 solution

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone is compatible with Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms when and can be deployed with Microsoft-certified DSPs.

Sennheiser’s collaboration with other leadings audio solutions specialists ensures that the TeamConnect Ceiling offers unparalleled ease of installation and control. With the Bose ES1 Ceiling Audio Solution, organizations can benefit from a bundle of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone along with the digital signal processor, in-ceiling speakers and accompanying amplifier from Bose for an all-in-one solution. This ensures a transparent and reliable technology experience with no audio devices on the walls or tabletops, creating a modern-looking meeting room.

Businesses with existing Q-SYS Ecosystems can use the QSC plugin to easily configure and manage TeamConnect Ceiling 2, such as monitoring audio levels, and viewing, in real-time, the vertical and horizontal angle of the detected person speaking. Similarly, full compatibility with Crestron’s control system platform enables remote access to the ceiling microphone’s audio parameters, mute and customizable LED control.