Anyline has potential for significant growth in the Middle East

Bernhard Reiterer, the vice president for leading OCR technology provider, Anyline speaks with Channel Post MEA about the company, its technology and its recent partnership with 3W Networks as Anyline sharpen its focus on Middle Eastern markets.

Bernhard Reiterer, vice president at Anyline

How would you describe Anyline and how do its solutions work?
In short, Anyline makes data capture simple. Using machine learning and AI, we develop innovative OCR (optical character recognition) technology which lets our users scan the information they need with a smartphone, tablet, rugged device or embedded camera.

Our technology is used to instantly scan and digitize a variety of sources, such as passports and IDs, vehicle license plates, utility meters and serial numbers used in logistics and manufacturing, to name only a few of our solutions.

Our scanning solutions integrate easily into both apps and websites, enabling our users to collect the data they need with their device and transfer it to their backend system.

How does Anyline differentiate its solutions from the competition?
Aside from the industry-leading speed and accuracy of our scanners, Anyline offers some key benefits. Firstly, when you use Anyline, all data is processed on your device. That means it will work even when offline, a huge benefit for any company whose workers need to collect data in areas with poor connectivity.

This also means that data is not sent to any external server – giving you control and the highest level of security. This is why our tech is trusted by police forces across Europe, as well as national governments and the UN.

Secondly, unlike other ‘off the shelf’ solutions, we are highly versatile. When a prospective client has a new use case, we can train the neural network to make a scanning solution for it. For example, we recently launched a Tire ID number scanner – which reads black text on a black surface!

Which key industry verticals drive your business?
We have a wide range of industry verticals, and as we expand worldwide, we are focusing on different industries in each region. In the MENA region, we hope to make great strides in the oil and gas industry, given our success in Europe. That’s why we are developing a scanning solution for gauge meters right now, which will bring significant optimizations to downstream processes.

In the US, we see huge growth potential in the automotive and retail industries. We hope to build on the success we have had with clients like PepsiCo and Toyota to take these opportunities to the next level.

And of course, with the effects of the coronavirus still reverberating throughout the world, there is an incredible demand for tech that enables contactless services. We are seeing requests from hospitality to banking, logistics and beyond for ways that businesses can incorporate mobile scanning into their processes to keep their customers and workforces safe.

Elaborate on your recent partnership with 3W Networks.
This partnership came about from my meetings with 3W Networks COO Sabu Mathew in Dubai. We realised that our businesses complement each other very well; they as the leading telecommunications, safety and security systems integrator in the region, and Anyline as a top mobile OCR provider.

Both 3W Networks and Anyline also share the same passion and expertise in digital transformation and have pedigree in integrating our solutions for businesses in similar industries, such as telecoms, banking, oil and gas. We are delighted to be working together, and expect it to be a very fruitful partnership.

How do you support your partners and enable them to grow business?
For me, the most important way to do this is to have a deep understanding of your prospective partner or client’s problem, and to make this problem your own. When we see eye-to-eye on the issues faced, we work closely with them to ensure our solutions are the perfect fit for them to achieve the goal they set – be it faster and more accurate processes, improved data quality or something else.

When it comes to implementation, our development and support teams move heaven and earth to ensure that our tech integrates seamlessly with our partners existing infrastructure, so that they can start scanning and seeing the benefits it brings to their business as soon as possible.

How would you define your distribution strategy worldwide and the Middle East in particular?
We work with both partners and distributors. Naturally, it depends on the needs of the client and end-user, as well as the existing knowledge and experience of the company. Some businesses like to have full control of the process, and we are happy to work directly with them. Others need more support or have complex projects which require integration experts.

In today’s working environment, it’s possible to make partnerships with and deals without being present in the country itself, but there is still no replacement for face-to-face interaction. As we move past the current travel restrictions of covid-19, we expect to balance our use of digital touchpoints with continued personal contact. I look forward to traveling throughout the MENA region again to build networks, trust and confidence in Anyline as a world-class OCR provider.

What kind of growth do you expect from the Middle East region?
We’re confident that Anyline has the potential for significant growth in the Middle East. Where other companies might see the current worldwide uncertainty as a reason to avoid expansion, I believe that our value propositions speak directly to the needs of businesses and industries across the region.

Companies today need to be smart with every investment they make, and we are offering a solution that brings benefits both in the short term – lowering costs and resources – and in the long term – helping the business take the next step in their digital transformation.

The fact that 3W Networks has partnered with us should be a ringing endorsement of the quality of our solutions for companies here, and we look forward to exploring opportunities together in our shared target industries.

What message would you like to give to partners in the region?
Our mission statement to companies across the region is the following: We are building the innovative scanning solutions to help your business reduce costs, workloads and time, while increasing efficiency and improving satisfaction for your workforces and customers alike.

Embracing digital technologies is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but an essential part of every competitive company strategy going forward. That’s why at Anyline, we help our partners remove any barrier or obstacle to ensure they can take the next step in their digital transformation journey.