Channel needs to evolve with technology and times

Channel Post MEA in conversation with Husni Hammoud, Managing Director at ESET Middle East about the impact of COVID-19 on its business and how is ESET trying to cope up with this pandemic situation.

Husni Hammoud, Managing Director at ESET Middle East

How has COVID-19 impacted your business with existing customers?
The business atmosphere remains fluid despite big progress in controlling the spread of COVID-19 across the region. One of the major issue faced not by just us, but all the businesses is the cash flow that continues to be a big concern and apart from that developing new business is still difficult. But we are confident with recent relaxation in lockdowns across the region, the business will slowly start crawling back on its feet and will help us recover from the crisis situation.

How have you adapted your market strategy to counter this impact?
We have taken a new approach to reach out to the market, and we are currently relying heavily on digital marketing and online tools to address the requirements of partners and customers. Webinars, workshops, collaborative methodology, and joint marketing efforts with partners to maximise our efforts.

How are you working with your partners to help get through this crisis?
Our aim is to ensure the business continues we are trying our best to overcome the obstacles created by this crisis and support our partners. We have an effective partner program, as well as we are running ad-hoc activities to incentivize and motivate partner employees. Constant online training and certifications help partners stay up-to-date to serve their customers interests better.

How do the prospects look like for the channel?
With the steady rise of cybersecurity attacks, the market for cybersecurity solutions is expanding only. Even cyber criminals have started exploiting the COVID-19 situation by running COVID-19 themed cyber attacks. Given this backdrop of growing cyber security market, prospects for channel looks reasonable.

How would you advise the channel to grow its business if this crisis persists or gets escalated?
The role and importance of cybersecurity will remain the same whether the crisis persists or escalates. As the world settles with the new normal, the channel needs to evolve with technology and times. They also need to invest in beefing up their resources to ensure that they can add value to their offerings and stay a viable option for there customers, and become there prime source for solutions, Partners who are ready to change with times and are well equipped to manage the new normal stand to gain the most.