Invita announces the launch of a Digital Workspace solution

Invita has announced the launch of a Digital Workplace Solution that uses Robotic Process Automation to digitize, store and manage customer records.

Invita Chief Executive, Rahul Bhalla

The company’s Chief Executive, Rahul Bhalla said: “Invita Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite, is a simple and cost-effective solution for SME’s, Corporates and Enterprises that want to digitize customer records and modernize their business processes.”

Invita’s Customer Digital Record and Storage Management service, which includes archiving all enterprise content, securing and digitizing electronic records, and integrating applications through a web portal, is designed to elevate productivity, cost efficiency, and, through re-engineering and automating processes, maximize resources and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

“This service is aligned with Invita’s strategy to provide a turnkey business solution and is devised to support any organization that is embarking on a digital transformation journey”. He added, “by having access to customer data at the touch of a button, collaboration and decision making is greatly improved, which is vital if a business wants to compete in today’s digital business landscape”, he concluded.