Bespin Global signs an investment contract with SK Telecom

Bespin Global signed a $75M series-C funding investment contract with SK Telecom. Bespin has raised $177M so far, including $14M Series-A and $90M Series-B.

Mouteih Chaghill, CEO of Bespin Global MEA

Bespin Global will join forces with SK Telecom to develop a 5G cloud-integrated and multi-hybrid management platform based on its own proprietary cloud management platform, OpsNow.
The series-C funding of Bespin Global will add to the development of smart cities in the Middle East. In series-C rounds, investors are required to inject capital into successful businesses, in an effort to acquire more than double the amount back. It focuses on scaling and developing a company, both, rapidly and successfully.

“This investment round serves as an effort towards our vision and focus on the development of cloud technologies. We also want businesses to continue their efforts to set up a complete digital experience to their customers,” says Mouteih Chaghill, CEO of Bespin Global MEA. “The collaboration of Bespin Global with SK Telecom, a network giant similar to du & Etisalat in our region, aims to increase enterprise adoption of Cloud Technologies and bring Bespin Global’s years of experience and OpsNow to new audiences. By joining forces with SK telecom, we strengthen our commitment to provide end-to-end leading technologies.”

Bespin Global supports a wide range of CSPs such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, and Tencent Cloud.