Huawei launches Huawei Sound X in the UAE

Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) today announced the launch of Huawei-and Devialet co-engineered smart speaker — the HUAWEI Sound X in the UAE.


Recognized by 2020 German iF Design Award committee for its stunning appearance, the Sound X has also been designed to facilitate seamless interaction with the smart devices in the listener’s vicinity. By gently tapping your phone against the Sound X the device transmits audio to the speaker thereby providing an immersive environment to the listener.

The lossless, low-latency audio can be further bolstered by a proprietary EMUI 10.1 multi-device control Centre. The HUAWEI Sound X forms part of Huawei’s Seamless AI Life concept, which provides seamless interconnectivity between devices.

To provide better bass performance, the speaker integrates3.5-inch dual subwoofers that deliver 60W of booming bass, all while ensuring that the speakers are portable and compact.

The HUAWEI Sound X comes equipped with Devialet‘s patented signal-processing SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology, and iconic Push-Push symmetrical structure. This allows the HUAWEI Sound X to faithfully render music with an audiophile’s attention to detail, all within a stylish, impact-resistant form.

The Push-Push structure places the two high-power speakers symmetrically so that their back wave vibrations cancel each other out. This means, even when the walls are shaking from the thundering bass tones, the HUAWEI Sound X body remains steady.

HUAWEI Sound X is fitted with six powerful full-frequency tweeters that are evenly distributed in a ring. With Huawei’s proprietary sound effect algorithm, high frequency extends from 40Hz to 40000 Hz, which allows details that would otherwise be inaccessible to human ears to be heard. As a result, it produces sound tailored to the environment with speakers that produce a 5.1 immersive stereo effect.

The HUAWEI Sound X can also play audio via Wi-Fi, a process that leads to much less data compression, and fewer lag or latency issues than Bluetooth transmission. That is built on HUAWEI’s self-developed technology – EMUI 10.1 Multi-Device Control Center that can transmit high-quality audio whether online or local from HUAWEI Sound X speaker to HUAWEI Smartphone.

Huawei Share feature enables seamless audio sharing from the phone as well. To pair a Huawei smartphone with the HUAWEI Sound X simply tap the handset against the HUAWEI Sound X to initiate seamless audio playback and audio immersion. To pair a Huawei smartphone with the HUAWEI Sound X simply tap the handset against the HUAWEI Sound X to initiate seamless audio playback and audio immersion. Alternatively, the users can also choose to answer via Bluetooth speaker. In case users need to pause audio playback, all they have to do is cover the top of HUAWEI Sound X with their hand. When they are ready to resume listening, a simple tap on HUAWEI Sound X will play the audio once again.

To get the most out of the HUAWEI Sound X, Huawei smartphone users can listen to thousands of tracks form local and global artists on the HUAWEI Music app. The library of music is being constantly improved and increased so there is something to match everyone’s taste.

Huawei is currently offering HUAWEI Sound X users in the UAE a special offer on HUAWEI Music. Users will be able to enjoy 3 months of exclusive free VIP access for HUAWEI Sound X, with high audio quality music above 320Kbps while also streaming millions of Arabic and International tracks for free and without ads!

Pricing and availability:
The HUAWEI Sound X is available in Black on 25th June for 1,299AED on Huawei e-shop, experience stores and across select retailer in the UAE. Huawei is offering complimentary HUAWEI Music 3 months VIP subscription on purchase.