Xiaomi to launch new smartphones in UAE

Xiaomi is all set to reveal its vibrant new Redmi Note 9 and Redmi Note 9 Pro along with Mi Note 10 Lite. The Redmi Note series has long been ruling the mid-range segment of phones in the market, striking a good balance between price, performance, and features that gives the premium feel without having much to spend on it.

The yet-to-launch models are speculated to be in the budget segment with no compromise to features whatsoever which is a great relief for its huge fan base. The phones will sport high resolutions screens promising an immersive experience and overall ergonomics with exceptional quad cameras set up ideal for capturing extraordinary pictures and perfect for videography.

They are also likely to be packed with a strong fastest-ever charging battery which holds enough power to last for 2 days straight without compromising on slim design, making them all the more alluring to the active, on-the-go segment of the population.

With their ‘best features in best price’ trait, Xiaomi has geared up even further to rock the UAE market with yet another jaw-dropping model with the highest specs possible in every aspect. Xiaomi devices consistently have always been known as a pioneer in powerful processing, sophisticated style, and interesting prices and with these models their deliverables will be nothing less than a flagship-level.