Anker distributes protection kits in the UAE

Anker Innovations has shipped over 1.8 million FDA-certified masks and other medical equipment to countries around the world, including Anker Protection Kits to the UAE. Each Anker Protection Kit contains masks, sanitizing Liquid and Sanitizing wipes, items vital to maintaining and protecting the health of essential workers.

The UAE team at Anker Innovations is providing Anker Protection Kits to distribution partners, promoters, IR Reseller & Dealers, Dubai Ambulance, Watani Al Emarat Community Services, the Noon Delivery Team etc.

Faraz Mehdi, Regional Sales Head at Anker Innovations MEA said, “We are proud of our team at Anker Innovations for sourcing essential safety gear to address challenges faced by the first responders, online delivery teams, promoters and partners during this grave time of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We want to lead by example and support our partners and stakeholders with the Anker Innovations ecosystem as well as the first responders in the UAE with protective gear to keep them safe. We will continue our efforts to assist with PPE needs that are essential to combat COVID-19 and hope that it makes a difference,” continued Faraz.

The COVID-19 pandemic has motivated the Anker Innovations team to continue the fight against the coronavirus by supporting local entities with Anker Protective Kits.