Eaton Middle East launches mobile app

Eaton today announces the release of a new mobile app, Eaton Asset Manager, to give customers the power to manage their Eaton products from the convenience of their mobile device. The new app is available from both the App store and Google Play, gives users the freedom to access product information, help manage products, and most importantly, authenticate genuine Eaton products.

With the global trade of counterfeits on the increase, the OECD estimated that the global trade of all counterfeit goods reached just over half a trillion dollars in 2016. Illegal counterfeit and unsafe electrical products and installations put lives and businesses at risk from death, injury and loss of property. With the launch of this new mobile app Eaton is taking the lead in combatting counterfeits in the industry. Using the Eaton Asset Manager app and a unique QR code on specific products users can authenticate genuine Eaton products.

“As a world leader in power distribution products used within residential, commercial and industrial buildings, Eaton takes safety as primary importance and is committed to the global fight against counterfeit products and saving lives. By making it simple to verify real products and identify the fakes in a way that counterfeiters cannot replicate, Eaton has taken a step forward in protecting buildings and lives in Africa, the Middle East and the world. The Eaton Asset Manager app gives the user the ability to simply and easily authenticate genuine Eaton products using the Eaton proprietary anti-counterfeit system,” said Ashraf Yehia, managing director, Eaton Middle East.

The application is also a powerful tool in allowing users to manage their products while on the move. Designed with the end user in mind, the Eaton Asset Manager allows access product information by simply scanning the product QR code or using the search tool to search by catalog number, serial number or UPC product code.

“With more people now working from home, it’s never been more important to stay connected and make what matters most work for you. The Eaton Asset Manager app helps manage Eaton products with product specific information, support and tools throughout the lifecycle of the product,” added Yehia.