Nexans launches new Cat 6A field terminable plug

Nexans, leaders in cables and cabling systems today announced the release of a new Category 6A field installable plug as part of its LANmark-6A offer.

This plug is designed to build Modular Plug Terminated Links (MPTL), an increasingly popular method to directly connect patch panels with network devices, such as Wireless Access Points and IP cameras. These devices are usually located near the ceiling, where there is often no possibility to install an outlet or other connection box.

MPTL are built with infrastructure cable terminated with an RJ45 jack on one end and an RJ45 plug on the other and are now standardised in TIA 568-2.D and specified in the draft version of ISO/IEC TR 11801-9910 ED1.

In conjunction with LANmark-6A horizontal cable and the LANmark-6A Snap-In connector, configured in MPTL, the LANmark-6A Field Terminable Plug will support all Class EA applications, including 10GBase-T and Power over Ethernet up to 100W.

When designed and carried out following our Design Guidelines (for MPTL / 1-connector Channel) and tested according to our MPTL Field Test procedure, LANmark-6A MPTL installations qualify for a 25 year LANmark system warranty.

The LANmark-6A Field Terminable Plug is fully shielded, accepts cable of 6.0mm to 8.5mm diameter with AWG24 to AWG23 solid wires and is easy to install without the need for a special termination tool, apart from a pair of parallel jaw pliers.