Chalhoub Group rolls out remote business solutions by leveraging Microsoft Teams

Chalhoub Group has announced its adoption of remote business solutions by leveraging the capabilities of the Microsoft Teams platform to ensure the full continuity of its business, and this step will enhance the scope of communication within regions, departments and across the group’s partners and suppliers.

Chalhoub group

In this regard, Joe Hobeika, Regional Director of Information Technology Services at Chalhoub Group, said that they are taking all the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of their employees, and at the same time are working to continue to upgrade the level of services provided to customers during these difficult times, pointing out that this responsibility is launched through the commitment of The Chalhoub Group to continue to build more brand success stories, and noted the significant and effective role played by technology during this period, stressing that it will continue to move forward towards providing More unique experiences and experiences to enhance customer service and increase their loyalty.

“By leveraging platforms like Microsoft Teams, we can take big leaps forward to enhance the well-being of our workforce and ensure the creation of a future work environment that brings our employees and operations together in one place,” added Joe Hobeika.

As part of this step, Chalhoub Group will be able to harness the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, which acts as a production platform that enables employees across a single platform to interact, participate, strengthen collaboration frameworks, stay connected, and conduct high-quality voice and video communications.

Lance Thorpe, Retail Manager at Microsoft UAE, said: “We are working with government and private entities to further strengthen the remote work system in a way that achieves their goals without facing any obstacles, as Microsoft Teams offers ways to communicate and collaborate better than anywhere and provide Experienced excellence and innovation, and in the midst of all companies like Chalhoub Group heading to the remote work system, we at Microsoft affirm our firm commitment to empowering their workforce with the right tools to ensure that they stay connected and transform the work environment into a modern place where they can achieve more achievements. “