Microsoft launches Planetary Computer to accelerate sustainability

Microsoft has announced a new initiative to accelerate its sustainability efforts by launching ‘Planetary Computer’ which will advance the protection and preservation of ecosystems around the world.

Brad Smith, President at Microsoft

Microsoft President Brad Smith unveiled company’s goals with a detailed plan to provide the global community with access to environmental datasets and a computing platform to analyze information. The ‘Planetary Computer’ will be using AI technologies to provide critical insights that will be shared with scientists, conversation organizations and businesses to obtain locally relevant answers.

There will be four major principles in approaching these global biodiversity goals. These include suggesting data and digital technology to work, empower partners and customers around the world, use their voice on ecosystem related public policy issues and taking responsibility for their land footprint.

“Microsoft’s new biodiversity initiative is multi-faceted. Perhaps most importantly, it aims to put data and digital technology to work, including through an ambitious program to aggregate environmental data from around the world and put it to work in a new “Planetary Computer.” We will combine this with new work to enable partners and customers to use the resulting output to enhance environmental decision-making in their organizational activities. We’ll also use it to speak out on ecosystem-related public policy issues and take responsibility for Microsoft’s own land footprint.” Said Smith in the blogpost. The company will further deepen their partnerships by providing grants that ensure conservation organizations have access to the datasets, compute and other resources.