AVEVA announces partnership with Axonify

AVEVA announced today that it has strategically partnered with Axonify to offer adaptive AI- microlearning powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) as part of AVEVA Unified Learning.

Amish Sabharwal, SVP, Engineering Business, AVEVA

This strategic partnership with Axonify makes AVEVA the first leading digitalization company to deliver microlearning solutions for industrial operations staff. This is part of an overarching framework designed to help companies build competence, improve worker performance and drive behavioural change. The training program drives measurable outcomes for organizational competency needs, all enabled by three key aspects:
• A single integrated platform from one vendor encompassing simulation for training with rich extended reality capabilities, and tools for designing learning and development programs
• Flexible deployment enabling customers to choose cloud, hybrid, or on-premises implementation.
• Harnessing of AI to fill knowledge gaps with personalized training.

Through industry analysis and at the ARC Industry Forum in February 2020, AVEVA conducted research with clients, competitors and analysts. This research further highlighted that its partnership with Axonify is in fact novel, and a key differentiator for AVEVA Unified Learning in industrial operations and manufacturing space, enabling digital transformation and organizational change by improving retention by 90%, engagement by 80%, while measuring the business impact of training compared against KPI’s.

In education, AI enables trainers to monitor learners as they complete lessons, while simultaneously offering course corrections and suggestions to them when needed. Real-time learning analytics adapt to the specific learner’s needs creating a customized training experience. Personalization makes the training efficient and relevant—both a magnet for existing learners and a great tool for attracting new ones.

“We are excited to have entered into this strategic partnership with Axonify, as together we can truly transform the way that global organizations approach the learning lifecycle of their employees,” commented Amish Sabharwal, Global Head of Engineering, AVEVA. “Microlearning shifts training away from ‘one size fits all’ classes to daily, easily digestible question-based sessions that can be tailored to meet individual needs based on cognitive science principles. Our research shows that without reinforcement, people typically forget up to 90% of content learned during training within 30 days. AI-enabled microlearning will protect the training investment and ensure that recipients instinctively know all the crucial information when they most need it.”

AVEVA Unified Learning combines the latest technologies with sound instructional design to deliver competency-based experiential learning so that operators perform better in less time. This can be deployed on-premise, on the AVEVA Cloud, or as a hybrid cloud solution for a complete enterprise-wide, multi-site training solution. This partnership delivers microlearning in concert with simulation, XR, and other tools as part of one integrated framework.