Oracle builds on its cloud momentum

Oracle today announced that it is embarking on a ambitious regional expansion plan as it added five new cloud regions in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), Australia (Melbourne), Japan (Osaka), Canada (Montreal), and The Netherlands (Amsterdam).

The company has already opened 10 cloud regions in the last six months, and with these five new regions, Oracle has its Generation 2 Cloud available in 21 fully independent locations as the company marches towards having 36 cloud regions available by the end of 2020.

Oracle plans to put a minimum of two regions in almost every country where it operate, and these new regions mark a big step toward this goal. The United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, India, and Brazil will also have two regions live by the end of 2020.

In Middle East region, the first region, in Jeddah, will be followed this year by a second region in Saudi Arabia, as well as two regions in UAE, representing Oracle’s first forays into the Gulf with Generation 2 Cloud regions. The new move makes Oracle the first public cloud vendor with a region in Saudi Arabia.