VMware participates in ADDA’s Digital Next Summit

VMware participated in Abu Dhabi Digital Authority’s inaugural Digital Next Summit and showcased its latest solutions to aid digital transformation and highlighted the changing nature of applications.

Joe Baguley at Digital Next

As part of VMware’s participation, Joe Baguley, VP and CTO, EMEA, VMware, delivered a keynote speech about the changing nature of applications and their role in digital transformation.
Baguley explained how application development is undergoing a sea-change led by cloud, 5G, AI and edge technologies, which will open immense opportunities for apps to empower digital transformation. Baguley added that organizations need to think differently about building, running and securing apps while embracing the opportunity to create better citizen experiences.

VMware’s participation at the event builds on its existing partnership with ADDA. Earlier this year, VMware and ADDA announced a collaboration which will enable ADDA to leverage a range of VMware solutions. This includes digital solutions to support Abu Dhabi’s unified government services platform, TAMM.

VMware is taking a leading role in empowering organizations to digitally transform with apps. Last month, VMware announced the rapid advancement of VMware Tanzu, a new portfolio of products and services designed to transform the way enterprises build, run and manage software on Kubernetes. VMware unveiled a beta program for both Project Pacific and VMware Tanzu Mission Control and outlined the details of a new VMware Cloud-Native Master Services Competency.