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Huawei announced the release of its cloud services in Africa

Huawei announced the release of its cloud services in Africa


Huawei Cloud recently announced the release of their Kunpeng ECS (Elastic Cloud Server) cloud services and Partner Program 2.0 at AfricaCom. The Kunpeng-powered cloud services will be made available to African customers by the end of December, and will offer 15% faster multi-core computing power and a 30% higher performance/price ratio than the industry average.

These cloud services offer an unprecedented capability to meet the ever-shifting requirements of a diverse range of public and private institutions.

Speaking at the Huawei Cloud, AI Forum, Rui Houwei, President of Huawei Cloud Africa, said “The computing industry has gone through the mainframe computer, minicomputer, and x86 server stages and will move to the multi-architecture computing stage. The computing power previously available only in the x86 architecture, is now available in different architectures, allowing for the use of appropriate computing power for each specific application.”

He said, “This January, Huawei launched Kunpeng 920, the industry’s highest-performing 7nm server processor in the Kunpeng architecture. The Huawei Cloud ECS is powered by the Kunpeng servers, and supports multi-architecture computing.”

Rui also expressed optimism at Kunpeng’s capabilities for the local market, “Huawei is able to innovate across the entire stack ranging from chips and servers, to cloud platforms. In-depth collaboration between chips, hardware, and software enable Kunpeng cloud services to deliver unparalleled performance. We are deeply committed to providing diversified cloud services and solutions, to help public institutions and private companies take intelligence and mobility to even greater heights. ”

At the forum, Huawei also outlined its Partner Program 2.0 initiative, which offers crucial support for partners, with regard to online and onsite training, market expansion, marketing activities, and technical understanding.

In Africa alone, Huawei Cloud has established partnerships with over 65 partners spanning diverse industries, including telecom, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, and logistics, as well as the public sector. “Such wide-ranging collaboration is likely to result in unique, and broadly-shared benefits across the ecosystem,” said Rui.

Huawei Cloud services were officially launched in South Africa this February, making it the first cloud service provider to utilize local data centers in that country. Over the past eight months, Huawei Cloud has experienced rapid growth in the African market, notably in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zambia.



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