Capillary and Naizak provides AI solution to increase store conversion for ToysRUs

Nitin Kaushal, President and General Manager for META at Capillary

Capillary Technologies partnered with Jeddah based Naizak AlElm to provide the AI based Instore solution to popular toy stores chain, ToysRUs in Saudi Arabia. Capillary claims that now armed with their retail marketing solution ToysRUs will be able to accurately identify in-store walk- in’s and derive rich insights about customer behaviour and buying patterns to help plan store operations efficiently.

Keeping customers at the center of attention, ToysRUs wanted to build an offline clickstream of data, similar to what ecommerce does, to support the company’s mission to provide an exceptional retail experience to customers.

ToysRUs deployed Capillary’s VisitorMetrix which not only enables it to analyze historical store traffic patterns to determine staffing requirements through power hours, but also gives immediate responsive data to changes, including studying the impact of promotional campaigns. ToysRUs uses this information to strategize their operations and marketing campaigns to look deeper at their performance and pull the right levers for improved productivity.

“While our ecommerce business is growing, we did not want to lose focus on the offline stores. Combining the instore consumer behaviour with the transactional data will give us a complete 360 degree view of our customers and will help us personalise our offerings and services,” said Mansour Al-Akeel, Managing Director and CEO at ToysRUs.

Capillary’s President and General Manager for META, Nitin Kaushal said, “Saudi Arabia is one of our key markets in the region and we are pleased to partner with ToysRUs and be involved in their digital journey. We will soon be launching VisitorSense to help retailers capture more in-store data. It will provide brands with demographics and fashion profiles of store visitors to better understand their buying habits, patterns and preferences. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with ToysRUs and help elevate their customer experience.”