Pio-Tech launches Bank-BI solution on Huawei Platform

East Africa’s leading System Integrator, and Business Solutions Provider, Pio-Tech announced a new partnership with Huawei that will enable company to run its exhaustive business solution Bank-BI, on Huawei “GaussDB Distributed Database platform, and Huawei cloud platform”.

Both parties have shared visions for collaboration to build innovation, and guide banks towards business growth. They will offer cost-effective, intelligent solutions with massive parallel processing (MMP) architecture, suitable for banks to make more informed timely decisions. As well as, higher performance, availability, and more computing power.

Engineer John Waweru, Chairman of Pio-Tech East Africa, commented “This partnership marks Pio-Tech continuous commitment to providing bankers with the best specialist support, along with Performance Accelerator Platform, Business Intelligence Solution that provides advanced capabilities for data modeling, reporting, query, analysis and advanced analytics power by Artificial Intelligence/machine learning utilizing data from disparate sources of which empower users with information for enhanced proactive decision-making”.

“Huawei is committed to providing customers with stable, reliable, scalable, and high-performance financial ICT platforms. The cooperation between Huawei GaussDB and Pio-Tech banking BI applications helps bank customers cope with massive business data (PB-level) easily in the future, helping to get more value from their data, achieve better and faster development of banking services.” said Andy Luo, the Representative of Kenya Enterprise Solution (Southern Africa Region) at Huawei.