5G to become nervous system of Digital Society and Digital Economy: Etisalat Chief

5G infrastructure is set to become the nervous system of the ‘Digital Society’ and ‘Digital Economy’ with clear goals being set to deliver on the 5G promise by enabling boundless connectivity, deliver sustainable innovation, accelerate digital transformation and drive growth with new use cases said Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chief Corporate Strategy and Governance Officer, Etisalat Group.

Al Shamsi shared his insights ‘Leaders Summit 2019’ held by SAMENA Telecommunications Council which brought together leaders and change makers from more than 29 countries, with the aim of materialising private and government partnerships; for fostering collaboration within the ICT industry of the region; and for discussing challenges that have emerged since 5G deployment became a priority in the region, in alignment with national ICT visions.

He brought to light the upcoming opportunities for operators with 5G, the chance for telcos and other stakeholders in the ecosystem to move beyond connectivity and collaborate across  sectors such  as logistics, smart cities , oil & gas, manufacturing,  finance, transport, retail and health to explore new growth opportunities that deliver rich services that empowers societies.

“5G will bring the wealth of opportunities in social economic transformation, and this requires more than just ‘the right regulations in place’. Governments do play a key role in demand stimulation and transformation with viable policies but in addition to regulations and spectrum, there is a need to eliminate asymmetrical regulations and put policies that are still in play for some markets in the region.

He added “The telecom industry is taking the front seat in fuelling the 4th industrial revolution , by spearheading the launch of future networks and technologies, it is imperative that we rise to every challenge by working together as an industry to become an accelerator to drive innovation and development and most of all bridge the digital divide.”

Al Shamsi also highlighted the changing role of the telco, “We are moving away from traditional business models and competencies, the need to collaborate and develop new skills are now required and more important than ever to unlock 5G era opportunities.”

The SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2019, was held under the patronage of the UAE’s TRA, focused on understanding the impact of 5G in boosting ICTs and enabling flexibility and enhancing capabilities of new digital services.