Eaton 93E new generation UPS launched

Power management company Eaton today launched the second-generation of its Eaton 93E UPS that offers high availability, energy efficiency and a compact footprint for advanced power protection in small and medium-sized data centers and other applications at a lower TCO. The new UPS includes ratings of 100 to 200 kVA, with an internal maintenance bypass switch option for 100-120 kVA units.Eaton 93E UPSs are designed to be practical and simple to use, while providing a level of performance and the features required to protect mission-critical applications. The new Eaton 93E UPS features a 3-level topology design and are amongst the most energy-efficient UPSs in their class, with up to 96.1% efficiency in double conversion mode and up to 99.3% in high-efficiency mode, which reduces power loss and enables high energy conservation.

“The 93E UPS series is designed to give practical and affordable power protection for ever-expanding loads and applications,” said Karim Refas, Regional Channel Manager, Eaton. “With a power rating range from 15 to 200 kVA and an improved efficiency for the second generation of 100-200 kVA range, it will appeal to a broad audience looking to modernize their electrical, IT and data center infrastructure.”

The key features include:

  • Hot Sync, Eaton’s patented technology for load sharing between UPSs to increase capacity and redundancy, while eliminating any single point of failure in a parallel operating UPS system
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM), which enables intelligent charging to preserve and prolong battery service life
  • Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software, which is used for remote monitoring and managing of the UPS as an integral part of the power and IT infrastructure
  • Multilingual graphical LCD display to see quick and precise UPS status updates

The Eaton 93E UPS has enhanced compatibility with generators and other critical equipment on the same network thanks to an active Power Factor Correction (PFC) that provides an input power factor of 0.99, which makes the UPS installation more cost-effective, and an ITHD of less than 3% for the second generation. The 93E UPS also includes pre-designed, pre-tested and pre-installed integrated backfeed protection safety components to ensure safe installation and use.

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