Vinnell Arabia selects Epicor Cloud ERP

Vinnell Arabia has selected the global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Epicor Cloud ERP, to help it improve operational efficiency and serve as a platform for business growth. The move to Epicor Cloud ERP will enable Vinnell Arabia to consolidate its accounting and procurement systems on to a single-pane platform and minimize human error by automating several manual and semi-manual processes.

It will improve the speed and accuracy of reporting for audits and upgrade employee skillsets with respect to automated business processes. In parallel, opting for a cloud-based solution will allow the company to benefit from business continuity, improved security, reduced risk, and 24/7 support. The business will also benefit from hassle-free upgrades, faster time to value and significantly lower capital and human resource investments.

“When it comes to the cloud, I believe we have reached a tipping point here in the Middle East. We have seen significant interest from customers, both existing and prospective, in what we call a ‘cloud first’ strategy and have been working with them on cloud transition plans. Vinnell Arabia is a great example of how regional organizations can enjoy the best of both worlds—the rich feature set of our flagship Epicor ERP solution along with the compelling economics of a cloud model,” concluded Monzer Tohme, Regional Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Epicor Software.

Elaborating on how Epicor Cloud ERP is expected to impact Vinnell Arabia’s business growth, Len Gambla, Director of Finance and Accounting at Vinnell Arabia said, “Moving to Epicor Cloud ERP will allow our associates to spend considerably less time on data entry and administrative tasks and instead focus on data analysis and providing value-added services to our internal and external customers. The improved decision making coupled with the significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of the cloud model, will give us the platform we need to explore new opportunities where we can leverage our expertise to expand our client base and revenue streams.”

Working directly with Epicor, Gambla and his team are currently in the process of deploying Epicor Cloud ERP across their facilities in KSA.