IDC to host CISO Roundtable in Dubai

International Data Corporation (IDC) will be hosting an exclusive CISO Roundtable at Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab on April 11, 2018. Running under the theme ‘Delivering Pervasive Security for the Digital Era’,the event will explore the new complexities being introduced to the IT security ecosystem as organizations increasingly embrace a new wave of emerging technologies.

“Digital transformation is becoming increasingly mainstream, with the majority of organizations in the region either planning or already starting their journey,” says Ranjit Rajan, IDC’s associate vice president of research for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. “To assist this process, they have started using innovative technologies such as cognitive systems, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, and the Internet of Things to streamline their operations and improve their customer experience. Running alongside 3rd Platform solutions like cloud, mobile, social, and big data, these new innovation-accelerating technologies are creating a complex ecosystem that is introducing a new series of IT security challenges.

“As such, security incidents are becoming far more complex and persistent than ever before. Recent high-profile breaches show that a new breed of stealthy attackers are using vulnerabilities in systems and even the Internet of Things to bring down services. With digital transformation, security needs to become more pervasive; it needs to be embedded into the vision of the organization and treated as a core metric. Organizations can no longer settle for standard security solutions; they must move forward by embracing a proactive approach to the issues of defense, protection, mitigation, compliance, trust, and risk.”

Against this backdrop, IDC’s CISO Roundtable 2018 will provide the senior security executives in attendance with expert insights into the security metrics, threat vectors, and solutions they should be focusing on as they strive to develop a sustainable security roadmap for their organizations. The topics up for discussion include incorporating data encryption for improved security, enabling trusted transactions with blockchain, and implementing an integrated security strategy with security services.