Mimecast commits to GDPR compliance for customers

Mimecast has announced its commitment to helping customers comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the appointment of Marc French as the company’s Chief Trust Officer and Data Protection Officer (DPO), driving the company’s efforts to support GDPR. Today, Mimecast provides additional GDPR-related assurances in its contracts with impacted customers who have personal data of EU residents.

Marc French, Sr. Vice President & Chief Trust Officer at Mimecast

The added controls that GDPR gives to individuals over how their personal data is used impacts organizations globally, as it imposes new obligations on companies and government agencies that market, track, or handle the personal data of EU residents. Organizations must have appropriate technology and processes in place to help secure the data and manage live and archived copies meticulously. Hefty penalties can be levied against those organizations that don’t comply.

Mimecast is committed to GDPR compliance across its solutions and products when enforcement of the law comes into effect on May 25, 2018. Mimecast’s portfolio of robust, cloud-based, cyber-resilience services for email can help its customers with strategies for GDPR compliance.

“Among other things, every GDPR compliance strategy needs to adequately address the security, archiving and availability challenges of email. New attacks threaten data security every day while employees will increasingly need controlled and always-on access to perform fast searches of email archives,” said Marc French, senior vice president and chief trust officer at Mimecast.

He said, “In addition to evolving our cloud services to align with new privacy policies and cyber resilience requirements, Mimecast has implemented security and data protection measures that span the technology, operations, and legal aspects to help protect customer data, including GDPR. We constantly undertake and maintain numerous certifications and audit reports to provide transparency and communicate internal controls to our customers and partners.”