Review: Epson Perfection V19

While people seldom buy standalone scanners due to the availability of Multi-Function Printers, companies have been launching new scanners onto the market.One of those companies is Epson, which has a range of scanners on its product portfolio. The company’s new Perfection V19 is a scanner that offers a resolution of 4800-by-4800-dpi.

The V19 also allows users to easily scan and share directly on Facebook, Evernote, and other cloud services. The overall design and build quality is very good for a scanner that costs just $70 (AED 275 approx.). The pricing is very crucial since most smartphones nowadays come with scanning capabilities through their cameras.

The V19 is a thin, portable scanner with a vertical stand if you need to save desk space. Since there is no Wi-Fi support, sharing it requires moving it from computer to computer. The scanner uses LED lighting – so no warmup time is needed and the scanning process itself can be completed quicker. We clocked a scanning time of about 10 seconds, which is blazing fast.

Since the scanner runs on the LED technology, it ends up using less power than traditional bulbs, the only power source needed is a USB cord. It also has Advanced Digital Dust Correction to remove dust and particles from the scan, and Easy Photo Fix to restore color to old or faded prints. It also has as a removable lid if you have bulky items, such as a book or thick magazine.

Setting up the scanner is simple. All you need to do is go to the Epson site, and install the driver. The driver is also available in the CD that is packed in the box, along with the scanner. The scanner also comes with programmable buttons that lets you, for instance, email a PDF once the scanning is complete.

Scanning documents using the Epson Perfection V19 is a walk in the park. The quality of the scanned documents is perfect. Even though smartphones today can double up as a scanner, it is sometimes nice to have a standalone scanner such as the Epson Perfection V19 around, especially if you are into digitizing every document you receive.

Price: $70 (AED 275 approx.)