Belkin is Dedicated to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Steve Malony, the GM and VP of Belkin, speaks about the company’s outlook for 2018

Steve Malony, Vice President and General Manager, Belkin International.

Which technology trends worked in the year 2017?
“Software is eating the world” and we saw a proliferation of smart home assistance in 2017 as well as continued growth of the Internet of Things, natural voice command hubs, progress in WiFi technology, a surge of interest in connected things, connected networks, connected cities. Consumers want technology to work for them and to make their lives easier.

What were your company’s major achievements in 2017?
Belkin’s dedication to people-inspired design and quality informs everything that we do, from our user testing and prototyping process, design and engineering, to strict adherence to regulatory compliance, manufacturing, and warranty programs. It is this dedication to quality and consumer satisfaction that led us to selling nearly two products per second in 2017 around the world. We are incredibly proud of our in-house competencies that allow us to bring the highest quality products the consumers.

Which products and solutions were launched / updated by your company this year? What do you expect from 2018?
We worked with Apple to bring our BoostUp Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X to market in September – a robustly engineered and beautifully designed piece of technology that is finely tuned with Qi technology under the hood.

Belkin offers accessories for a broad range of consumer electronics with a focus on smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks and wearables and our mission is to create products that help consumers realize the power of technology, making their lives better, easier and more fulfilling.

This year we also introduced backpacks and messenger bags, our ultra slim Pocket Power battery packs, curved screen protectors, Thunderbolt 3 dock and USB-C dock, DuraTek cables fortified with DuPont Kevlar fiber, and a 3.5mm Audio + Charge RockStar that allows iPhone users to listen to music with their legacy headphones and charge their devices at the same time.

What sort of technologies, products and solutions will you focus on, in 2018?
With deep consumer insight research under our belts, we are excited to bring the next evolution in wireless charging to help consumers keep their devices charged throughout the day. Belkin was also one of the first manufacturers to produce USB-IF certified USB-C cables and regularly participates in USB-IF compliance workshops. We will continue to deepen our portfolio and expertise in USB-C technology.