Review: BenQ EW2770QZ

BenQ’s new EW2770QZ monitor is aimed at offering comfort to your eyesight and is specifically focused at office use. The monitor comes with a blue light filter and flicker-free image and comes packed with the company’s very own Brightness Intelligence Plus technology. This technology attempts to adjust brightness and colour temperature depending on the screen content and ambient lighting.

The BenQ EW2770QZ is a 27-inch QHD monitor. It sports a very clean frontal design with thin, 8mm black bezels. The protruding device on the bottom acts as an inbuilt sensor for the Brightness Intelligence Plus feature. The monitor comes with a T-shaped stand and base that sport a silver accent.

Turn the monitor around and you will find that the rear of the cabinet slightly bulges towards the center. The I/O ports on the BenQ EW2770QZ include a DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI slots. It also comes with a 3.5mm audio line out and 2-watt internal speakers. However, though the monitor has been labeled as premium, it does not come with a USB port.

The monitor itself has been build using an AU Optronics AHVA (Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle) 27-inch QHD (2560×1440) IPS panel. This design comes with a high enough resolution for decent gaming, video streaming and document creation, too. IPS technology offers excellent 178-degree viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical aspects, a wide colour gamut and at the quoted 350 cd/m² backlight output it is bright enough to make it viewable across a large range of indoor lighting conditions.

In terms of performance, the BenQ EW2770QZ offers a 5ms response time and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. I was quite impressed with the monitor’s Brightness Intelligence Plus technology. The technology worked well at detecting ambient conditions and automatically adjusting brightness, contrast, and colour temps to match without sacrificing image integrity.

You see the real magic in performance though, when you switch off the Brightness Intelligence Plus technology on the monitor. The BenQ EW2770QZ can display 100% coverage of the sRGB gamut and 82% of the Adobe RGB gamut, and my attempts to tweak the settings did not offer any improvements. Colours looked very vibrant and lush, and images and videos played on the monitor looked fantastic.

Depending on your activity on the screen, you can also use pre-calibrated picture presets such as Multimedia, Web Surfing, Office, and Reading. These presets have optimal blue light filter settings ranging from 30% to 70% respectively. Lastly, the BenQ EW2770QZ IPS display offers the Smart Focus feature which allows you to highlight a particular area of the screen whilst at the same time dimming the rest of the screen.

With the EW2770QZ, BenQ has managed to develop a very good monitor for a mixed home and office use. The monitor manages to deliver flawless image quality no matter the weather, ambient lighting, or screen content. The built-in sensor and the configurable Brightness Intelligence Plus feature is a plus. If you are looking for a perfect home and office monitor, the BenQ EW2770QZ should be on your shortlist.

Price: AED 1649