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Channel Post speaks to Clinton O’ Leary, the Chief Commercial Officer at Yvolv, about the company’s activities in the region and their new partnership with Sage

Clinton O’ Leary, the Chief Commercial Officer at Yvolv.

What is YVOLV all about?
YVOLV was established in 2015 in Dubai and it is the technology joint venture between Alibaba Cloud and Meraas. It offers state-of-the-art and customized solutions in cloud computing and digital transformation to private companies and government institutions in the MENA region.

YVOLV is rolling out many unique SaaS based Digital Solutions that requires a recognized business management solution such as Sage to offer businesses small and large an end to end solution.

What are your activities in the region?
Our core focus is building an ecosystem of partners and Cloud ready solutions on Alibaba Cloud where we have the first UAE Availability Zone, based in Dubai. Having this capability to supply customers on-demand, scalable and secure Cloud infrastructure in country, allows us to help customers and partners to deliver their solutions and projects faster.

We have a unique consulting approach that delivers a phased approach to adopting Cloud and delivering Digital Transformation projects.

How do you help SMBs and start-ups in the region with your technologies?
YVOLV offers Start-ups our Ignite program to pre-qualified start-ups where we offer Alibaba Cloud credits to help them launch and develop their applications. From an SMB point of view, being a true Cloud platform we offer on-demand resources in a pay as you go format or in limited contracts with no lock-in. Then we also assist both Start-Ups and SMB’s our bundled SaaS Solutions such as Sage, Hosted Exchange / SharePoint, Web and Mobile Application Development solutions and business strategy consulting.

What does the new Sage partnership mean for your entire technology ecosystem?
The Sage partnership compliments our entire technology ecosystem as well as compliments Sage partners too, as they can now offer our solutions bundled with Sage. Alibaba Cloud Platform is a well-established solution and ranks in the top 3 of the Global Cloud Platforms, with Sage X3 hosted on our Alibaba Cloud Platform located in the UAE gives customers the advantage of paying only for the resources they use on demand.

Which markets will this partnership cover?
Middle East and North Africa.