ServiceNow launches Intelligent Automation Engine

ServiceNow recently announced machine learning capabilities to tackle some of the biggest problems in IT today. With ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Engine, companies can now prevent outages before they happen, automatically categorize and route incidents, predict future performance and benchmark performance against IT peers. Capability will also bring machine learning to ServiceNow cloud services for Customer Service, Security and Human Resources (HR).

Most companies today want to innovate and drive transformation, but find that inside they are bogged down by tools, processes and work patterns of the past. The volume of back and forth work across every department for common tasks like resetting of passwords or on-boarding new employees is straining the system. By 2020, 86% of companies say they will need greater automation to get their work done. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning provide a way out, but until today, those have been buzzword techniques or technologies looking for a use case.

The ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Engine is machine learning intelligence applied to four of the biggest use cases that IT has today. ServiceNow has taken the combination of massive amounts of contextual operational data, huge R&D investment and a team of leading data scientists, to address four big challenges for today’s IT organizations – preventing outages, automatically categorizing and routing work, predicting future performance and benchmarking performance against their peers.

“Intelligent automation heralds a new era in workplace productivity,” said Dave Wright, Chief Strategy Officer at ServiceNow. “With this game changing innovation, we have embedded intelligence across our Platform, trained with each customer’s own data, ServiceNow is enabling customers to achieve a quantum leap in the speed and economics of their business.”

Key innovations include anomaly detection to prevent outages, intelligence to categorize and route work, performance predictions to drive improvements and benchmarks to evaluate performance against peers. The Intelligent Automation Engine is part of the Now Platform, which powers cloud services to speed and automate work for IT, Security, HR, Customer Service and custom applications for any department.