SIDDCO Group chooses Epicor ERP

Epicor has announced that SIDDCO Plastics (SPL), a subsidiary of SIDDCO Group, and one of the largest high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle manufacturing facilities in the UAE, has implemented the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Epicor ERP to automate processes, streamline its supply chain, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Monzer Tohme, regional vice president, Middle East and Africa, Epicor Software

Prior to implementing Epicor ERP, each department in SIDDCO had its own disparate system, which limited visibility, transparency and information exchange across the business. SIDDCO’s commitment to its continued business growth, as well as sustainability, led to its investment in an ERP system that could facilitate this.

Zakee Siddiqi, chairman and chief executive office, SIDDCO Group, explained, “I firmly believe that while the goal of the business might be to grow the bottom line, we need to do it in a socially responsible way. Our state of the art, fully automated, multi-layer, high speed blow moulding machines allow us to manufacture environmentally responsible plastics, but for compliance purposes, we needed a robust, unified ERP solution that would deliver 100% traceability of every single component and material, from the minute it came in the door to the minute we shipped out a finished product.

“We chose Epicor ERP not only because it is easy to customise, , but it also has extremely strong reporting and analytics capabilities that allow our 40 users, across sales, purchasing, manufacturing, quality, logistics, finance and management, access to the information they need with just a few clicks, enabling them to make better, faster, real-time decisions.”

“Using Epicor ERP software means we now all speak the same language,” added Saymaad Mansoor, head of IT, SIDDCO Group. “Serving as the backbone of our business, the solution has given us real-time process control, data integrity, traceability, security and agility which has allowed us to improve our operations and ultimately grow our business.”

“As one of the leading plastic manufacturers in the region, I am delighted that SIDDCO Plastics has selected Epicor ERP to improve visibility, transparency and collaboration across the business,” commented Monzer Tohme, regional vice president, Middle East and Africa, Epicor Software. “SIDDCO Plastics is a great example of how a manufacturing organisation can successfully implement technology to empower its employees, establish robust processes across departments, adapt more quickly to changing economic conditions and customer demands, and ultimately get set for growth,”