Smartphone Maker Wileyfox’s CEO and CMO Leave

Wileyfox co-founders Nick Muir and Victoria Denman have stepped down from their respective positions of CEO and CMO at the smartphone manufacturer. Both of them will form a start-up accelerator called Growth Hackers Global.

“We have given our former colleagues all the tools they need to succeed and we look forward to seeing what they do with it,” the duo reportedly said in a statement. Muir and Denman founded the UK-based smartphone manufacturer in 2015.

Its first handsets were unveiled later that year, with ambitious plans to emulate the strategies of Asian challenger brands including Xiaomi and OnePlus by offering an alternative to the major manufacturers while competing at an aggressive price point.

At launch the company struck deals with Qualcomm for its hardware and used Cyanogen software. In June 2016, the company launched a second batch of devices aimed at the mid-tier also using the Cyanogen OS, but with MediaTek processors.