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Saudi Arabia is a crucial market

Saudi Arabia is a crucial market


Channel Post speaks with Sherif Alashery, General Manager, KSA at TechAccess on the company’s channel expansion plans in the Kingdom.

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How long have you been present in Saudi Arabia and what is the reason for your focus this year to develop Saudi market?
TechAccess has been present in Saudi Arabia for 11 years. Technology deployments in the country are becoming more strategic, and we are uniquely placed to help our partners cater to challenging demands owing to our extensive, end-to-end solutions portfolio. Our aim is to work together with partners to identity and capitalize on these opportunities.

What does this renewed interest in Saudi mean for your channel partners?
Saudi Arabia has always been a crucial market – for us, and the vendors we work with. As the country looks towards diversifying into non-oil producing activities, we are starting to see investments into clean-energy related technologies, private aviation and transport. With Saudi Arabia positioning itself on the tourism map, we anticipate increased IT spending in the hospitality and healthcare segment. The growth of these sectors spells enormous opportunity for our partners to capitalize on big data analytics, mobility, networking and other critical technologies. We are tightening our focus this year to help our partners crack new opportunities and provide organizations with solutions that enhance their strategic technology investments to help drive the country’s digital endeavor. For our partners, this means enhanced support in terms of lead generations, trainings, as well as marketing support, to help close deals.

What kind of investments does TechAccess wish to make in the country?
TechAccess continues to make significant investments in Saudi Arabia, in terms of resources and on-ground support facilities for our partners. The Partner HUB is an indispensable component of our investments and value addition efforts to ensure that our partners update their skills, and provide customers with live demonstrations of the solutions that they are investing in.

How do you intend to enhance your business in Saudi? What will be your strategy to build up on your existing channel base?
Partner retention is crucial to our business success – which is why we provide them with an extensive, and end-to-end technology portfolio; this is central to our strategy. This approach allows for ease of business and lets them custom-build solutions under one roof, and makes it simpler for them to be more efficient, and maximize margins.

Are you planning to introduce any new products specifically for Saudi market?
Cloud technology is playing a key role in Saudi Arabia’s public sector and is driving the country’s Vision 2030 plan. We are encouraging our partners to focus on cloud deployments, as we see great potential for our vendors that offer cloud solutions. We will, however, continue to position our current end-to-end solutions portfolio which spans across key technology segments like Server and Infrastructure, Virtualization, Security, Data backup, Storage, Data Archiving, Disaster Recovery, Networks and Unified Communications, as there lies great opportunity for these technology deployments.



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